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Swiss law requires you to register at your local immigration office within a few days of your arrival. A relocation consultant can accompany you and make the entire process smoother. This service is suitable for both EU/EFTA and non-EU citizens.

Eliminate language barriers

Your relocation consultant has total fluency in the local language. This avoids any confusion during discussions with the immigration agent, and minimises the risk of not being able to complete the registration in due time.

Save time

Your relocation consultant fully understands the registration process, so there will be no surprises and no time lost.

Full compliance

Your relocatioAll steps of the registration will be thoroughly followed.

Accompanied Registration for CHF 399.00

A relocation consultant can accompany you and make the entire process smoother.

What happens after you book

1. Please prepare the following documents:

  • Valid ID or passports of each family member.
  • Birth certificates of children.
  • Marriage certificate or decree absolute (if applicable).
  • May need certified translation if from a non-EU country.
  • Residential lease contract.
  • Work contract or confirmation of admission to higher education institutions.
  • For non-EU/EFTA citizens: police record from your home country, work permit and entry visa.
  • For non-EU/EFTA dependents only: Certificate proving competence in the local language of Level A1 at a minimum, or proof of registration in a language course with this qualification as its goal.

2. Our trusted reloction partner Packimpex will contact you and let you know if additional documents are necessary once they check with your local municipality.

3. A Packimpex advisor will arrange a registration appointment at the relevant local authority according to the local specifics and accompany you in person to the registration office.

Book an Accompanied Registration
Ensure all goes to plan when registering your arrival with the Swiss authorities.
Price: CHF 399.00

Services operated by trusted partner Packimpex – Switzerland’s relocation market leader. Founded in 1977, Packimpex employs over 150 people and has thirteen offices across Switzerland.