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We specializes in obtaining work permits and providing relocations services. Sgier + Partner was founded in 2001. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Zurich. We also have a branch office in Geneva and a contact point in Ticino.

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The future is knocking on the door

Less office space, reduced mobility, less traffic, lower CO2, more individualised working, greater self-responsibility, more sustainability, a better work-life balance – these are only a few of the opportunities arising from the crisis.

Immigration Case Assessment

Do you want to find out if you’re allowed to live and work in Switzerland?

Hotline 0900 000 109

If you require urgent legal advice or assistance with enquiries do use our consultation hotline (CHF 4.50/min). Mon – Fri: 08.30 -17.30.


Sgier + Partner and Packimpex strengthen their beneficial strategic partnership.

Sgier + Partner and Packimpex enter an exclusive strategic partnership and will jointly serve their private and corporate customer base going forward. Supported by award-winning collaboration technology, the two companies can offer an integrated and actively coordinated approach to high-quality destination and immigration services.

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Work permits

«Thanks to Sgier + Partner and Permit24® the duration of the work Permit process could be reduced by more than half.» The application by Sgier + Partner is sent to the authorities within 24 hours of the order.

Welcome to Switzerland - Relocation Services Sgier +Partner

Relocation Team

We have years’ worth of national as well as international experience. According to the specific requirements of our clients we develop individual solutions for a successful move to Switzerland. Our team is highly qualified, specialised, reliable and motivated.

Relocation + Immigration Workshop Sgier + Partner Switzerland

Schooling / Update Sessions

Custom made schooling sessions regarding Swiss employment law, permits, social security and corporate law – the most efficient form of obtaining knowledge. Do ask for Information.

The most efficient way to obtain Swiss work permits

  • Obtaining work permits and residence permits in all Swiss cantons
  • Individual advice on questions regarding the law on foreign nationals
  • Training on current topics of immigration to Switzerland
  • Customized relocation / destination services for your foreign employees.
  • Support for the settlement of companies and individuals

We know the legal and regional requirements. Switzerland may be small, but is expansive in terms of its administrative regulations. We know the current legal foundations. We know the authorities. The authorities know us. Permit24® is the innovative result, established through long-standing local practice. With us you can be certain of doing things correctly. Find out how to save costs and to relieve pressure on your HR/mobility department. See how the ‘end-to-end’ permit process can be accelerated. And how much safer and faster employment can be started in Switzerland. Discover what it is like to have complete transparency and control. With Permit24®, our new web-based service for customers who have a greater volume of permits to deal with, we offer a complete Immigration Services Outsourcing package: We take care of the entire permit processes – you retain control and have access to any information that you may require to facilitate further decision-making within your immigration strategy. We look forward to providing you with comprehensive assistance in Switzerland. We are leading in the area of immigration services, successful in the relocation / destination services industry as well as in the resettlement of companies. More than 100 HR departments enlist us to assist with work and residence permits for foreign specialist.

Swiss immigration statistics for 2019

Swiss immigration has remained relatively stable in 2019. 71’248 foreigners have migrated from the UE/AELE zone and 31’023 foreigners from non-EU countries. The majority of foreigners migrated for employment purposes. Family reunification procedures consisted 29% of permit applications, where 29’873 B permits were delivered for “regroupement familial” between January and September 2019. At the end of September 2019, 2’101’915 foreigners, composed of 68% of UE-28/AELE citizens, were registered as living in Switzerland. Out of this number, the foreigner population consisted of  1’375’153 C permits holders, 705’211 B permits and 21’551 L permits (Source: SYMIC).