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Is your company «permit-compliant»?

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For companies who are planning systematic processes to comply with their duties within the area of work and residence permits as well as employee data tracking, or those wishing to have their existing systems reviewed, Sgier + Partner offers a Permit Compliant Test. This includes the review of available documentation and systems as well as consultation to the company with regards to implementing the duties in connection with information and documentation duties. In addition to this the existing know how about work permits is extended and specific cases clarified.

Compliance check-up

  • Do you keep systematic checks in your procedures?
  • Do you regularly carry out internal checks with regard to the application of work permits?
  • Do you include data protection with regard to employee data?

We can support you in the implementation and compliance with the legal requirements and submit your processes to a compliance check.

«Thanks to Sgier + Partner the duration of the permit processing could be reduced by more than 40%». Multinational Business Consulting Company with Head Offices in Zürich.