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Sending employees to a different country on assignment is a delicate task. In order to ensure that the investment is successfull, it needs to be handled with care and not just considered a cost factor.

The foundations of a successful assignment are planning, logistics, administration and the right handling of expectations. All aspects which can be handled before the assignment should be dealt with then. Sgier + Partner has assisted over 3000 expat families in Switzerland and found them wonderful homes. We are also able to assist with the establishment and settlement of companies coming to Switzerland. Sgier + Partner was involved with one of the largest relocation and settlement of an international company to the canton of Zürich and handled all of the necessary work permits.
Immigration to Switzerland | swiss immigration + relocation services

Below you will find an overview of the most relevant programmes which can be ordered in any combination to suit your specific needs. Do get in touch with us to find out more.

Home Finding Support in Switzerland

Are you stuck in the Swiss real estate market and can’t make any headway? Are you tired of having your rental application turned down because you called from abroad or didn’t speak in French or German?

„Going the extra mile“ to our employees means providing the client with more than expected.

Questions of an expat:

  • What is the cost of living in the target country
  • What is paid for, what do I have to pay for myself?
  • How high is taxation in Switzerland?
  • What about the pension fund / old-age provision?
  • How am I insured?
  • Which schools are best for children?
  • Who helps me with contracts for insurance, bank account, telephone connection?
  • How do I declare my private car at the border?
  • Who helps with “small” worries (24-hour helpline)?

We will accompany you from A to Z, so that you and your family will arrive well in Switzerland.

An early orientation at a new place of residence can facilitate the search for a new home considerably. The Sgier + Partner consultant shows the employee different areas of residence in terms of infrastructure, shopping and leasure activities, all in consideration of the individual and family requirements. The schooling options are also considered. The employee is presented with comprehensive documentation about the residential area. The orientation tour is especially valuable in cases where the candidate has not yet decided whether a move is the right decision.

This service is intended for employees who require furnished apartments for short stays. During this time the permanent accommodation is searched for. The service includes the search according to specific criteria, the presentation of documentation and photos for selection of the property, the reservation of the apartment, the collation and review of the rental documentation as well as the administration of the first rental payment. The employee is picked up (also from the airport), transferred to the apartment and accompanied during the handover.

The search for a new home in an unknown environment and a difficult real estate market can be challenging and very time-consuming. With consideration for the individual requirements of the employee as well as the market situation Sgier + Partner will find suitable objects at the new residence location. After having reviewed the available possible locations, the consultant views the objects together with the employee, sets up the application documentation, negotiates and explains the rent contract and completes the handover.

Together with cooperation partner Sgier + Partner offers international assignees and employees the possibility to rent furniture for the residence. The furniture, including kitchen infrastructure as well as electric and audivisual equipment can be delivered throughout Switzerland and set up too. After the tenant has moved out, Sgier + Partner coordinates the termination of the rent of the furniture.

Relocating to a new environment requires many adaptions in several areas of life. Assistance with administrative tasks helps the employees as well as their families to settle fast. Sgier + Partner assists with the necessary registrations at the authorities and institutions – the Schools, energy supplier, Internet Provider or gym – and is ready to provide advice which is valuable when relocating to Switzerland.

Whether it concerns work or residence permits, Sgier + Partner knows the geographical jurisdictions and also the competent teams within the authorities and is aware of the processes which need to be respected in order to obtain those permits. We make sure that our clients’ applications reach the right authority without delay and are treated as fast as possible. This enables the employees to be able to start their work on time.

Sgier + Partner explains the current local schooling Situation and the Swiss School System. If requested, international Schools and Special Schools are visited and application processes discussed. The service includes the coordination of the appointments as well as an accompaniment to them.

Organizing a relocation, as well as the move and transport of the personal effects, usually go hand in hand. In connection with the assistance in finding suitable accommodation, Sgier + Partner cooperates with the transport or shipping company and can coordinate the appointments and act as a single point of contact from placing a specific order to the delivery of the effects and also the administration of the corresponding invoice.

Making use of our experience in the Swiss property market we can assist you with the purchase/sale of your residential property. From searching and selecting a property, to the appointment at the notary and the handover – we will advise you regarding the possibilities for financing with the assistance of our Swiss Banking Partners and also help you with the relocation process.

When an employee is assigned temporarily and is to return after that assignment, the management of the residential property can become a task worth considering. Sgier + Partner upon request searches for a tenant fo the property and manages it during the absence of the owner according to specified criteria. The owner is regularly updated on the developments and can use Sgier + Partner as the single point of contact.

Should you need to find a next tenant for your rental property, we can assist you with finding an adequate candidate. We have a database of possible candidates which can be consulted to find the next tenant. In case the ideal candidate cannot be found in it, we will advertise the property extensively and suggest a new tenant for it to you. You can thereby save time and efforts as we handle the planning of the viewings as well as negotiations. We can also have required repairs taken care of and assist with the handover of the property.

Sgier + Partner advises on preparation, planning, implementation and the Monitoring of a change of location. Sgier + Partner conducts employee enquiries, advises the company with the setup of company regulations, sets up informational events regarding the proposed location as well as individual conversations and organises orientation tours for the employees as well as their spouses. In a second stage, Sgier + Partner organises the relocation services such as search of accommodation, settling in service as well as administrative visits to the authorities and monitors the progress.

The need for relocation assistance can vary according to the position, nationality and family situation of an employee. Sgier + Partner offers the HR department the possibility of ordering the basic service package and additional hourly consultations on top of that where necessary. Within this timeframe the employees can select services from a pre-determined palette of services. Of course, the programmes can also be customised to your employees.

Signing a rental contract, fulfilling it and ending it are sometimes challenging for expats who do not speak the local language. In addition to that the rights and duties in connection with Swiss law on renting are seldom known to the new tenants. Sgier + Partner can review the rent contract and discuss relevant points with the employee in English, and during the lifespan of the contract be a point of contact for the landlord as well as the tenant when it comes to clarifying relevant issues.

Assignments abroad require proper assistance when it comes to the employees and their families understanding norms and values, practises and traditions of the new environment, both on a professional and private level. Sgier + Partner offers Swiss employees relocating abroad as well as foreign employees coming to Switzerland seminars before and after the move which can increase the understanding for the other culture. Such seminars regarding intercultural assessments and staff development can also be held for management-level staff, for example the HR department.

Sgier + Partner evanuates the specific needs. Private tuition or group classes can be arranged. Daily or weekly classes are options for those wishing to learn the local language.

The spouse’s situation and requirements are discussed. Whether assistance in finding suitable employment is required or information regarding local clubs and organisations is asked for, these and other measures can be implemented to ensure a successful and happy integration of the employee’s spouse.

When ending an assignment, certain administrative steps must be taken. Especially in cases where the departure is to be organised under time pressure, there is a need for someone to maintain an overview and sort out the necessary steps. Sgier + Partner can assist with deregistrations as well as other tasks such as terminating contracts, Memberships and organising the handover of the rental property to the landlord. Should discussions with insurances be necessary as well as the organisation of repairs to the property, this can be handled too